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Deena Gothelf

Yoga, Meditation, & Reiki Healing

Deena Gothelf is a Yoga and Meditation guide and Reiki healer.  Her mission is to support clients through challenging life transitions, with focal points of embracing change and cultivating extraordinary awareness. The healing modalities she is trained in help clients to develop the inner resources necessary to both cultivate calm and take empowered action when life calls for it. Healing modalities include: yoga, meditation, reiki, ritual guidance and support.

Deena began her wellness journey in 2015 completing her first 200 hour Registered Yoga Training with Wanderlust Yoga (Austin, TX) and Kula Yoga (NYC). Since then she’s completed multiple yoga and meditation training sessions with The Nalanda Institute, The WOOM Center, The Prenatal Yoga Center, and more. 

In 2016, Deena discovered the healing modality of Reiki and began her studies with Michal Spiegelman.  Rei (Universal) / Ki (Life Energy) - Reiki is a Japanese healing technique to promote stress reduction, relaxation and healing in the body. Reiki relaxes the nervous system so the body can restore it's natural energies. A healer’s role is to allow the universal life energy to travel through them to you, where the energy is needed. 


I am passionate about curating unique experiences for each individual based on their specific goals and desires. My sessions are balanced and creative with the intention of guiding you through a journey of self discovery. You can select 1 or all 3 of the following practices to incorporate in your session.

  1. Yin Yoga has a rippling effect throughout the body. Release blockages stored within connective tissues and allow your chi (energy) to flow more freely through a series of longer-held, restorative poses that target the hips, pelvis, inner thighs and low back. Each asana (pose) becomes a meditation in itself teaching us to become more receptive and gain a greater insight to ourselves.

  2. Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation technique that can be translated to mean ‘yogic sleep’. The body remains in a relaxed and supported posture and the individual is led through a process of systematic relaxation through Breathwork, visualization, and meditative practices. 

  3. Reiki is a gentle, hands-on energy technique used for aura cleansing, to promote stress reduction and relaxation in the body. The aura is a distinctive, yet intangible field of energy that surrounds all living things and consists of all our thoughts, feelings, experiences and energies that flow through the body. The chakras are our energy centers associated with the physical, emotional, and mental power of a person and serve as entry points for the Reiki energy.


60 minutes $160 // 90 minutes $200


For Special Rates and Events please visit:

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