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mike polanski

Dr. Mike Polanski


Mike Polanski first encountered Chiropractic while experiencing back problems of his own. A friend persuaded him that he “just had to” go and see her Chiropractor. To humor her, he went; and he got better. He was amazed at how a gentle healing touch could be so effective in solving a problem he thought would never go away. He was immediately inspired to learn how to make this same kind of difference in the lives of others. Mike moved to Los Angeles to study Chiropractic and then promptly established Families First Chiropractic on his return to the Carroll Gardens community. He has been serving others, relieving pain and restoring optimal function there since 2004, as well as encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle in his patients. His expertise is also an important component of our Cornerstone Healing team. 

Mike has always been involved in community activism and leadership. He currently serves as the President of the Court Street Merchants Association (CSMA), and as an executive member of Carroll Gardens Neighborhood Association (CGNA). While earning his Chiropractic degree, Mike was also proud to assist in establishing a free Chiropractic health care clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

Mike holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Baruch College and a Doctor of Chiropractic from Los Angeles College of Chiropractic at Southern California University of Health Sciences. He is further certified in the Webster Technique for pregnant women, and the Graston Technique (M1) from the Academy of Family Practice (CACCP). He also specializes in Ultrasound and ESTIM physical modalities, Class IV cold laser therapy, and corrective exercise. Mike’s daily goal is to deliver gentle and effective care for the whole family. He draws from a variety of techniques and modalities to treat everyone from newborn babies to octogenarians with consistent, expert, and restorative skill.

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