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Reiki – Subtle energy work that can ease the body and emotions

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

It promotes healing and balancing from a deep level bringing on relaxation. The Reiki practitioner uses a series of hand positions over the recipients body, this can be a warm and soothing feeling that spreads throughout, allowing stress and discomfort to fall away. They may also experience cooling waves, tingling, magnetic pulses or barely anything at all but a pleasant comforting sensation.

Rei Ki (pronounced Ray kee) is the “life force energy” that is tapped into and shared to bring better physical and mental health.

When blockages of energy get stuck in the body or mind optimum health and vitality can become compromised.

Reiki brings balance back to the body, mind and spirit.

Often during a session the recipient may fall asleep the practitioner helps to guide the Reiki energy to the places the recipient may be most depleted.

The Reiki knows where it is needed and treats the entire body. Reiki works well with and compliments other forms of traditional healing.


Elizabeth Ehrhardt is an esthetician, aromatherapist and reiki practitioner.

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