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Telehealth, or online healthcare appointments, have been a growing trend in medicine even before the Pandemic profoundly changed our lives and ways of working. Online HIPAA compliant Chinese Medicine is a new and powerful space in which to encounter patients, and the possibilities for positive outcomes and a more impactful practice are truly exciting.

The Wellness sector has been slower to come to the online table before the Pandemic because so much of what we have to offer is inherent in personal and intimate delivery of care. I am here, however, to say that I believe very strongly in what telehealth appointments can achieve!

As a certified ethnobotanist and herbal practitioner as well as an acupuncturist I have been inspired by the ways in which the online appointment space can be a catalyst for healing.

When my patients are in their own homes or workplaces they can often better convey the challenges that they are struggling with, because they are all around them. It is like an old-fashioned house call in a way that even I had not imagined. Patients are more forthcoming and our interactions are more personal and direct. I might not be able to reach out and touch them or asses them in the ways I am used to, but I can really deeply concentrate my attention on all they have to communicate to me about their symptoms and their struggles. Holding space for a patient in this manner has been an honor and privilege for me.

Herbal preparations, targeted acupressure techniques and care packages of specialized tools are all available through this online format. For those dealing with chronic pain, headaches, chronic fatigue, digestive distress, menopause, menstrual issues, stress and anxiety, the psychological relief alone associated with knowing that care is available in this user-friendly format is real.

The telehealth wellness appointment can be a new and comforting ally in your home office experience, your busy homeschooling parent existence, your diet and exercise goals, and your renewed consciousness of health and immunity in the post pandemic climate. I look forward to all of the ways it will continue to benefit my clientele.

I am passionate about learning new ways to serve my community. If there are silver linings to be found as we rebuild through this Pandemic, I have a feeling this new platform is one of mine. I will see your beautiful faces online!

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