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We are our best thing

Bodies are political. They just are. Governments and laws are built around which bodies get power and high-quality resources vs. which bodies are disenfranchised. Bodies who defy these political classifications are powerful catalysts for change. The act of thriving when you are not set up to thrive and in spaces that were not built for you to thrive in is an act of beautiful rebellion. Deep and grounded wellness and the practice of active self-love pushes back against the narratives and forces of political division and the agenda of disenfranchisement. Unity within demonstrates the possibility of unity without.

Your body may be political externally, but internally you are your own sovereign. Now is a very good time to be reminded of this and to reframe and refine what you need to do to feel as loved, grounded, vital and powerful as you are. This is not another pejorative “to do” list, this is a “pause and reflect on how miraculous you are” list. This is an invitation to restoration and a reminder that self-fortification is also a valid and essential form of protest.

As 2021 unfolds, I encourage you to take what time you have to center and ground yourself, and from that space ask yourself what things and practices and associations will travel with you into the final seasons of this year. What and who makes you feel fortified, soul connected, nourished? How are you finding ways to regularly rest, both actively and passively? How are you showing yourself love, maintaining healthy boundaries, and celebrating your unique beauty in this world? What is lighting you up, and what is shutting you down?

We, of course, have many recommendations that can be specifically tailored to this moment on your journey. We would be honored to support and amplify your personal wellness sovereignty. We can help with anxiety, sleeplessness, headaches, nutritional worries, skincare and facial products and treatments, just not feeling quite yourself, and all of the manifestations of stress in your body and mind. You have only to take the first step and reach out. We are available in person and on line, however best suits your schedule and needs.

These have been heavy times; we feel them too. We believe strongly, however, in the pursuit of preventative healing. We are also working every day to embrace change with grace and to find softness, warmth and gentleness for ourselves, our patients and those we love. Let’s celebrating the small things together. Let’s nourishing the body and mind. Let’s keep looking for all the nuggets of pure gold in life’s treasure chest to mend our broken places with. Our community needs us at our best!

As Toni Morrison wrote: “You are your best thing.”

We can be strong and beautiful in this world, no matter what is imposed upon our bodies from the outside. We are our best thing. Believe that. Live that truth with all that you are.

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Hope To Healing
Hope To Healing
18 déc. 2023

Blog emphasizes the importance of healing, internal sovereignty, self-love, and holistic wellness practices.

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